Relationship Analytics for Organisation Effectiveness

We show you the informal networks in your Organisation through an Organisation Network Analysis (ONA). The insights from an ONA study has applications in productivity, Team Dynamics to Inclusion, Engagement, culture, leadership and execution. To do this we combine social psychology, management theory, data science, graph theory and AI.

The Sorrows of Young Werther: Social contagion theory and social network analysis

Recently I facilitated a workshop, face to face, after almost a year. We did this in a nice offsite location and many people in the leadership team were lockdown joiners! The organisation is going through a massive change and interestingly many were not aware of the compelling change story, the possibilities and real intent behind...


How a global management consulting firm used Organizational Network Analysis to aid post-integration collaboration of a global FinTech company

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Understand the business context

Discussion on the scope of the project (number of employees to be included in the survey etc.)

Decide the project timelines depending upon the scope of the project

Collecting Data

Scoping & Getting Contextual awareness

Communicate & Administer simple 7 Question - online survey

Back-end FAQ support

Creating Insights

Pre-analysis Quality Check and Validation of data

Analysis & Study of network graphs

Making Reports

Communicating & Creating Way forward

Present the data to the stakeholders

Workshop (if requested) to facilitate the understanding of the data, and design next steps on ‘what to’ & ‘what not-to’

Custom Build

Data Privacy

Unique Insights

Powered by AI

Subject Expertise

Simple To Use

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Chief Executive Officer

A public intellect in the area of organization development, with 21 years of experience, driving organizational change initiatives across the globe. Author, Columnist and Coach.

Vijayraj Kamat


Vijayraj is a Computer Engineer by qualification, and an OD Consultant at heart. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Technology space with companies like Deloitte and has worked in multiple countries and industry sectors. His writings in the psychology, OD space have been published in international magazines and have 60,000+ followers. He is a TEDx speaker, OD facilitator and author too.

Togy Jose

Product and Innovation

A Talent Analytics leader with 16 years experience spanning Talent Supply Chain, Product Development, Process Optimization and Transformation Consulting. As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, extensively worked with organizations to drive data-driven decision making and enable Network Effects.

Nabeela Moinuddin

Growth & Strategy

A core HR professional with a 10 years of experience in professional services, consulting, and e-commerce companies viz. Deloitte, SHRM, Vistaprint, and Purple Style Labs. Knowledge areas include OD, Recruiting, Engagement, Rewards, and D&I



15 years of experience in building novel products that became successful. 7 years of research experience that spans areas like time series analysis and Machine Learning. Passionate about using technology to solve community and organisational challenges


Product Manager

Shruti is a philomath with an MBA from University of San Diego and post graduate diploma in Data Science from IIIT Bengaluru. Her interest ranges from Management to Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Passionate about using a multi-faceted approach to solve problems.


Associate Consultant

Mitali is a computer engineer and a MBA (HRM) graduate from IIM Ranchi. She came across organizational network analysis while completing a certification course in HR Analytics. In today's automated world, backed by her experience in software development, she decided to learn how Analytics could be further used to transform Human Resource Management



Unni Bhaskar is one of the most understanding Full-Stack developer you're going to meet, ever. From technical, design, user or client perspective – he's there for you, fully aware of the context of a project.

Unni Bhaskar studied Computer Science and Engineering at the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala.



His passion is applying technology to help optimize modern organizations. He is a versatile Software Engineer with an eye for a minimalist design and scalable code. His skillset includes various Technology Domains including Python, Java and Full stack Development.

Abhishek Bhardwaj studied Masters in Computer Applications at the Panjab University.

Ankit Sharma


With developing plenty of websites during his college time, he has experience of full stack development. As a Data Science Enthusiast, the emerging field of Social Network Analysis pulls his attention.