Organizational Network Analytics stems from Social Network Analysis applied in the organizational context. The OrgLens platform maps and visualize the hidden, informal, social networks in your organisation and generates insights on culture, engagement, inclusion, collaboration, high-potential/ highly influential employees, new hire integration, and more

How the Platform works


Create Account

Onboarding to the OrgLens platform


Setup Data Sources

Initiate survey, set up data fetch from social / collaboration platforms, mails etc.


Analyse and Visualize

Apply graph analytics backed by AI/ML


Powerfull Insights

Generate the insights you need

Features of OrgLens Platform

Fully Cloud Hosted Platform

Configurable Survey Platform for Active ONA studies with integrated triggers and reminders.

Automated and Fully Anonymized Insights, with command based network visualization engine for custom analysis

Optional “Personal Network” reports for Leaders

Report Details

Web Based HTML Reports, with interactive network diagrams, and drill-down capability

Analysis across Engagement, Belonging, and D&I (Diversity and Inclusion)

Deeper dive analysis of different networks like Work / Trust / Innovation etc.

Custom Build

Data Privacy

Unique Insights

Powered by AI

Simple To Use