About Us

OrgLens helps leaders understand their organisations through the lens of social psychology and network science and make drastic improvements in their organisations. We are a bunch of Organisation Development practitioners who are passionate about technology, network science and network analysis and their applications in Organisational Development . Our technology platform helps improve Engagement, Inclusion, Collaboration, Team Effectiveness and helps in driving Change, Innovation and Talent Management.





A public intellect in the area of organization development, with 21 years of experience, driving organizational change initiatives across the globe. Author, Columnist and Coach.

Ashok Kumar


Ashok is an organization transformation professional with more than 30 years of experience spanning across armed forces, automotive industry and management consultancy, McKinsey. He has more than 14 years of experience in leading transformation engagements across diverse industries.He is passionate about working with MSME Leaders, coaching and supporting them in transforming their businesses.



15 years of experience in building novel products that became successful. 7 years of research experience that spans areas like time series analysis and Machine Learning. Passionate about using technology to solve community and organisational challenges

Sasanka Kireeti

Head - Growth & Strategy

Sasanka is a policy enthusiast who has dabbled with many different kinds of organizations in his career - from Philanthropic organizations to Corporate giants to start ups. An engineering background combined with masters in HR, he likes building stuff - be it teams, organizations or movements. At OrgLens he manages Growth and Strategy, and loves to support wherever else he can.

Shijin Sreeraman

Head Growth and Partnerships

Shijin Sreeraman is an alumnus and Gold Medalist from TISS in Organization Development and Change. He is also an alumus of ISABS. He has more than 12 years of experience in Organization Leadership and Change consulting. He has previously associated with Indian and Global organization as part of developing and implementing change strategies and processes. Shijin is a business storyteller who brings in a concoction of applied behavior science and business storytelling as part of helping organization to conceptualise, drive and sustain change and healthy habits as part of thier growth agenda.

Pankaj Patil

Senior Technical Manager

Pankaj believes in 'learn whatever you can' and that one should not limit oneself to any particular skill or domain. He has 8+ years of diverse experience in Embedded Design, IoT System Design and Web Development. His main interests include converting ideas into practical solutions and improving them.

Gouri Dibin

Software Developer

Data Science professional with 2 years of experience in fields of Healthcare Data analysis, Text data analysis(NLP). Passionate about the emerging field of social network analysis and graph database.

Asmath Ruhi

Product Manager

Ruhi works extensively towards building innovative products that enable leaders take data-driven people decisions. She leverages her multidisciplinary abilities in data science, business and research to solve organizational problems. A gold medalist in her bachelors and an MBA in Finance, her research on the Indian stock market is published in IJMTE. "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest", is her guiding principle.

Viraj Mishra


Viraj believes that curiosity and continuous learning are the two most important factors to keep growing in life. He currently works, as a software developer, on implementing technological solutions for organizational challenges and products at Orglens.

Mamata Singh

Software Developer

Learner!! Explorer!! Advancement in technologies has always been fascinating for me. Committed to utilizing my skills to make a positive impact on those around me. Web developer with 2 years of experience.