Hi-Pot Identification

Do you know the network of a high potential can be dramatically different from the network of an average employee. The network of High-Pots is not only larger but also highly diverse. OrgLens studies network relationships of the employees and using certain algorithms highlights the high potentials in the network. This identification can help leaders to invest in their employees in the most efficient manner.

Driving Change Initiatives

OrgLens helps spot ‘Influencers’ - people with higher Social Capital, who have power to inspire & initiate trends that the rest will follow. They are likely to have the most influence across work borders and boundaries. These influencers can successfully play the role of change agents. OrgLens identifies the path of least resistance to ensure success of any change initiative in an organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

Organizations have been incorporating many tools and metrics to ensure that the diverse talent is hired. But, little has been done to track their engagement and inclusion levels within the teams. OrgLens studies the network relationships, analyses the differences in network behaviour of diverse groups and their current level of immersion. The insights that the platform generates help leaders to ensure that the diverse workforce is consistently engaged and integrated within the organization network.

Employee Wellness

As highlighted by one of the HBR articles, the organizations are at a risk of losing some of their most passionate and hard-working employees not for a lack of engagement, but because of their simultaneous experiences of high stress and burnout symptoms. OrgLens through network analysis can help you identify the employees in the network who are at the highest risk of burnout. Necessary steps can then be taken to support such employees to improve their wellness and consequently, their work efficiency.


OrgLens studies the real time inner workings of the organization to measure the level of activity in the entire network. These activity levels represent the true picture of how engaged an organization’s workforce is. OrgLens can be used as a standalone engagement assessment tool or can also be combined to leverage results of other engagement surveys which often fail to produce the relevant actionable insights.

Measuring collaboration

Teams that collaborate are more engaged, innovative and equipped to solve complex problems. OrgLens gives insight into which teams in your organisation are the most collaborative with a high degree of connectivity. It also highlights individuals who are the ‘Collaborators’ in connecting and bridging parts of the network that may otherwise be isolated. OrgLens identifies pockets of silos and bottlenecks in the network which could be restricting integration of the network.

Post Merger Integration

OrgLens analyses network activity and gives real time picture of the extent to which immersion has happened post-merger. It identifies the pockets where there could be a lack of collaboration and coordination. It gives valuable insights to ensure effective execution of integration post merger.

Identify your Organization Archetype

OrgLens analyzes the network patterns to highlight whether the organization is centralized/decentralized, has a more hierarchical or a flat archetype. The insights generated can form the basis to reflect on organization design effectiveness and help in decisions on organization restructuring.

Driving Innovation

OrgLens helps identify key individuals who can be leveraged to enable and drive innovation in the organization. It also helps identify any gaps or vulnerabilities in the network which could be currently inhibiting innovation/ideation in the organization.

Identify your Subject Matter Experts

OrgLens helps identify the SME’s in the system. It also highlights the current trends of knowledge transfer happening within the network. The insights can be useful in ensuring data driven approach towards knowledge management initiatives in the organization.

Attrition studies

Several checks and balances are being put in place in the organizations to reduce the cost of employee attrition. OrgLens proves to be very powerful tool in this area. It can give insights on where will attrition put you most at risk; tacit knowledge and connections. It also identifies individuals who are at the risk of leaving, so that appropriate measures can be taken at the right time.

New Hire Assimilation

According to an article in Training Industry Quarterly, it takes at least a year before an employee is “fully productive”. This results in huge cost to the companies, hence it is important that new hires are supported in a manner that they begin to assimilate in the organization as quickly as possible. OrgLens approaches this by studying to what extent new hires have integrated themselves in the system, and identifying individuals who can help them integrate much faster.